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Seasonal audio downloads to support you in your understanding of the electric universe through the ancient earth language of astrology & ancestral plant alchemy.

The Ask Astro Tínima Sound Booth is like a personal podcast or audio journal without the ads, policing, or surveillance.

All support goes towards fair trade, production, paying guests, & keeping everything ad free.

Most Podcasts are free because of the exploitation of data for advertisements. All podcasts have to go through a series of policing before being able to publish.

Most platforms you can publish on are owned by the same people who shadowban & shut down accounts without explanations because they have monopolized the market.

By supporting the Ask Astro Tínima Sound Booth, your data will be protected & not sold for profit, plus, you’ll never hear ads.

The Astro Tínima Sound Booth is just one of many ways in which we can use our participatory internet power to support the foundations of a world where all labor + experiences are valuable & reciprocated.

No ads, no policing, no bullshit fees for anybody.