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Todo lo que tiras se refleja 🧿
A collection for retrograde motion navigation by @astrotinima

Retrograde • from the root word retro- “backward” & gradi- “to go” “to walk”

As the celestial bodies above us move, sometimes a planet can appear to go backward in its orbit from our perspective on earth, however it is an optical illusion…

A time when all may not be quite as it seems & apparent solutions to problems reveal themselves illusions.

All direction is curved, all motion is spiral. Every point in the universe is a gravitative center of a constantly changing potential.

Now through the 2022 year, there will be several planets shifting back & forth between apparent direct motion and retrograde:

♅ Uranus currently rx-1/18/22
♀ Venus Rx 12/19-1/29
☿ Mercury Rx 1/14-2/4
♇ Pluto Rx 4/29-10/8
♄ Saturn Rx 6/4-10/23
♆ Neptune Rx 6/28-12/4
Chiron Rx 7/19-12/23
♃ Jupiter Rx 7/28-11/23

To assist with this retrograde motion navigation, I am offering a limited collection that includes:
🧿Herbal Potion made with organic elecampane + mimosa + yarrow plant relatives infused in organic grain-free alcohol & glycerine for respiratory, immune, & nervous system support
🧿Cleansing Spray made with organic witch hazel & alcohol infused with butterfly pea flower, blue mica, sea salts, rosemary, & frankincense (SOLD OUT)
🧿 Mini 4 x 6 in Prints with original art by @astrotinima
🧿 Personal Retrograde Reading emailed to you in .pdf form to help guide & support you through the 2022 planetary retrogrades as they influence your own personal natal chart. This is a discounted reading available for limited time. Original exchange is $175