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$50.00 - $100.00

This summer, Itza Alma & Astro Tínima will be offering private community Astro Exchange with focus on declaring sovereignty through bodily autonomy + transmission of the archetype Lilith through the ancient languages of astrology & herbalism.

Together, we will explore these concepts through a series of offerings including videos, informational blogs, Sound Booth episodes, artistic activities & journal prompts for all who sign up.

We will begin as a community in late August but the exchange will still be available to all afterwards. All offerings will be saved on our private group Instagram for anyone who misses anything live or just wants to return for review.

This exchange will be available virtually with the option of adding an Herbal Medicine Kit to support those who wish to practice conscious pregnancy prevention & bodily sovereignty:

☾ Organic Herbal Potion made with wild carrot seeds + rosehips + cat's claw for supporting bodily autonomy & sovereignty + pregnancy prevention.
☾ Organic Personal Lubricant made with Echinacea + lemon balm + creosote + mugwort + rose for STI & yeast infection support
☾ Organic Herbal Tea made with mugwort + rose & wild spearmint + blackberry leaves + raspberry leaves + elder leaves for stimulating blood cycle & relieving tension

Lilith is Chaos and Death — but only for a particular system of coincidences built from religious patriarchy, a forefather of Capitalism, and the intended destruction of the Yin Polarity... people who work with blood, lineage, earth magick and obscurity, inner knowing and inner awakening to our instinct, intuition and wisdom.

For the rest of us, she signifies Knowing Power Within. “